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Skydive Panama City
 We are the closest "Tandem Skydiving" center to Panama City.

We GO HIGHER! 14,000 FEET! 

Skydive Panama City
Skydiving near Panama City, FL is easy. If you are in Panama City, Florida, DestinTallahassee, Pensacola, FL, Dothan, AL, look no further. 
 We offer a fun, exciting and safe Northwest Florida panhandle skydiving experience. 

Ask how high you will be jumping from. Higher is better!

The choice is clear!
  • Larger aircraft
  • 14,000 Feet!
  • Larger Groups
  • Less Waiting
  • 100+ 5 star reviews

Whether you are checking it off the bucket list or just ready to live on the edge. 

We want to help you make your first skydive safe and exciting.  

8am-sunset Saturday & Sunday

*Central Time* 

Call today!

(850) 674-JUMP