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If you are a returning student, please do not access this webpage via the yellow Google Click ad, as this gets very expensive for us. Thank you.

AFF Student Jumps by the Category                
After completing training tandem skydives and ground school, your solo skydiving begins. This is what it looks like. We have trained all ages and types of people. Let us guide you into one the coolest sports ever.

AFF Cat B Skydive

AFF Cat C2 Skydive

AFF Cat D1 Skydive

AFF Cat D2 Skydive

AFF Cat E1 Skydive

AFF Cat E2 Skydive

Coach Jumps by Category

You are now cleared to solo skydive! The following jumps will be completed on the way to your A-License, along with 25 total Jumps.

Coach Cat F Skydive

Coach Cat G1 Skydive

Coach Cat G2 Skydive

Coach Cat H Skydive

A-License checkdive

Click to use SIM We recommend downloading the USPA SIM app on your mobile device.

USPA Online Ground School

The USPA Online Ground School will help you learn about skydiving while you relax in the comfort of your favorite chair! This is NOT a course that can be used as complete training for any of your skydives. But, by reviewing this information at your own pace and becoming familiar with the equipment and concepts you will need to understand before making your first jump, your ground school at the drop zone will go much smoother for you.

If you plan to continue on and learn to skydive with us we ask that you:
*Join the Student Group on Facebook for schedule, questions and information regarding your training.

*Required.....kinda! :)

Here's a couple packing videos, to help you learn!